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Our website uses cookies to function. You can read our Privacy Policy here , by continuing to use this site you agree with our Privacy Policy. Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers are defined as minority ethnic groups under the Equalities Act There are a number of Gypsy and Traveller communities, each have different histories and traditions:. There are currently three sites with one pitch on each, plus three sites with multiple pitches which are at:. Gypsies and Travellers have accommodation needs as much as the settled population and the Government requires us to identify areas where sites could go.

History of the Romani people

However, the total population of Roma a category not used in the census and Travellers in the UK is estimated to be at least , — a reflection in part of obstacles to their participation in official data collection. Estimates have ranged from , the Traveller Movement to , — , the Council of Europe , in part a reflection of different approaches and definitions used.

There are several different communities and ethnic groups. Irish Travellers are in Northern Ireland and England.

The Housing Act requires local authorities to adopt a strategy for providing sites for Travellers and Gypsies. Romany Gypsies were recognized as a distinct.

Scottish Travellers , or the people in Scotland loosely termed gypsies or travellers , consist of a number of diverse, unrelated communities that speak a variety of different languages and dialects that pertain to distinct customs, histories, and traditions. The ethnic origins of Scottish Lowland Travellers are not clear, but can be categorised into two main theories:. They are Romani in origin and have a common ancestry with the English Romanichal , [1] and their language and culture simply diverged from the language and culture of the Romanichal like what happened with the Welsh Kale.

They are a fusion or mix of Romani and an indigenous Lowland Scottish Traveller group, and their roots are just as Romani as they are Scottish. Regardless of both theories, Lowland Gypsies are still viewed as a Romani group, with Romani culture clearly being a massive part of Scottish Lowland Gypsy culture. Lowland Scottish Romani Travellers share many cultural features with other British Romani Travellers English Romanichal Travellers and Welsh Kale Travellers such as a belief in the importance of family and family descent, a strong valuing and involvement with extended family and family events, a preference for self-employment, purity taboos among the Romani people the purity taboos are part of the Romanipen and a strong commitment to an itinerant lifestyle.

They speak Scottish Cant , which is a para-Romani language similar to Angloromani and Scandoromani meaning that it is a mixed language. Scottish Cant is a mix of Scots and Romani. There is written evidence for the presence of Roma travellers in the Scottish Lowlands as early as , when — during the reign of James IV — an entry in a book kept by the Lord High Treasurer records a payment of four shillings to a Peter Ker to take a letter from the king at Hunthall , to the “King of Rowmais”.

Romani people in the South of Scotland enjoyed the protection of the Roslyn family and made an encampment within the Roslyn castle grounds. Scotland has had a Romani population for at least years; they are a distinct group from the Highland Travellers.

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The Romani people , also referred to depending on the sub-group as Roma , Sinti or Sindhi , or Kale are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group , who live primarily in Europe. They originated in northwest regions of the India [1] [2] [3] and left sometime between the 6th and 11th century to work in Middle Eastern courts of their own volition, or as slaves.

A small number of nomadic groups were cut off from their return to the subcontinent by conflicts and moved west, [1] eventually settling in Europe , Byzantine Empire and North Africa via Iran. The Romani have been described by Diana Muir Appelbaum as unique among peoples because they have never identified themselves with a territory; they have no tradition of an ancient and distant homeland from which their ancestors migrated, nor do they claim the right to national sovereignty in any of the lands where they reside.

Rather, Romani identity is bound up with the ideal of freedom expressed, in part, in having no ties to a homeland. Indian origin was suggested on linguistic grounds as early as the late 18th century.

Matter 4: Gypsy & Traveller Site Provision. Page. Issue 1: base date position of / (b) Is the site currently occupied by both Romany Gypsies and Irish.

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Am I descended from Gypsies?

Show People are a cultural minority that have owned and operated funfairs and circuses for many generations and their identity is connected to their family businesses. They operate rides and attractions that can be seen throughout the summer months at funfairs. They generally have winter quarters where the family settles to repair the machinery that they operate and prepare for the next travelling season.

The New Traveller culture grew out of the hippie and free-festival movements of the s and s. Many New Travellers have also settled into private sites or rural communes although a few groups are still travelling. This was recognised by many as an underestimate for various reasons.

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Payment may be made by cheque or BACS. I do not accept credit or debit cards directly. On this site you will find many unique Gypsy books, cards, educational material and a lot more. I’m a writer and member of various Romany and Traveller societies and some years ago was honoured at a Pride Not Prejudice conference with a lifetime achievement award. I first became involved in the s. Wester Boswell’s deep Romani. NEW Pavee cant dictionary and Pavee origins.

The Gypsy Holocaust seen through the eyes of 2 survivors. British Gypsy Traveller history pre through paintings, drawings, woodcuts etc. Paper back Earthquake and Traveller novel. Hard back Traveller and earthquake novel. The Great Devouring – Gypsy Genocide. Woodsmoke and Waggons – 2nd part of the biography of Ryalla Duffy. Victorian or Edwardian tent camp.

6 memories of growing up as a Romany Gypsy

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Scottish Gypsy and Traveller groups

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Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers are defined as minority ethnic groups under the Race Gypsies and Travellers on authorised sites do pay council tax, rent, gas, electricity and other development needs, it has not used them to date.

Attendees of Appleby Fair, the largest annual gathering of Gypsies and travelers in Europe. Photo by Diana Patient. I’ll make some broad generalizations to illustrate: It’s a prominent, close-knit ethnic enclave with strong, traditional family values. They’re essentially patriarchal but idealize motherhood, and they’re tribalistic, socializing, and marrying within their own community for the most part.

They’re house-proud and image-conscious, at times. Somehow that deviation always seems to throw people a little bit. As a New Yorker living in England, it’s an easy and sort of facile way of explaining the similarities to outsiders. It also conveniently highlights how open-minded people often are until the word “Gypsy” comes into the equation. It goes without saying that attitudes toward the estimated , Roma and Irish travelers in the UK could really do with some improvement.

Public demonization on exploitative reality television and newspapers raving about “Gypsy invasions” of small villages hardly help. More pressingly, low attainment in schools and a life expectancy ten years lower than the national average all point to the fact that the lives travelers lead are still radically different from the majority of contemporary Britain. But some bristle at this, seeing travelers not as a widely-detested ethnic minority with unique housing needs, but as some sort of obnoxious anachronism—people who should just settle down and integrate like the rest of us.

But anyone who’s heard the old “how can you be travelers if you don’t travel?


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In most cases it has been a way of life for generations. Their way of life means that they travel the country staying for various periods in different locations in order to earn a living for themselves and their family. Like other minority ethnic groups Gypsies and Travellers have their own language, culture and traditions. These are passed down the family and, as in any family, the onus on keeping them varies from family to family.

Gypsies and Travellers may move into houses, but do not lose their culture or ethnic status. Many move into houses for health reasons, or to give their children an education. Many will still travel in the summer months, even if they are based in a house. Some of the better known areas of work that Gypsies and Travellers are involved in include seasonal agricultural work, motor trading and tree-felling.

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Visit our Pavee Ceilidh website for more information on the culture and heritage of Irish Travellers. Romany Gypsies. Romany Gypsies have been.

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